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What are the means of working out your own salvation?  0

We continue with our discussion on the believer “working out your own salvation.” We know from our previous post, “How are you working out your own salvation?” that “working out your own salvation” does not mean that a person can earn his own salvation by doing some work. Rather salvation is by grace through faith. But that “working out your own salvation” means the believer in Christ aspires and strives to be Christ-like walking in obedience according to the light he receives Read more [...]

How are you working out your salvation?  0

Many believers take the fact that they are Christians for granted. They think that being born again is all there is. They think that once they are saved by the Lord Jesus Christ, that is it, the Holy Spirit will do the rest. All they have to do is just relax and enjoy a wonderful ride to heaven. They thus, do not make effort concerning their Christian faith as they should. A major consequence of this lack of effort is ignorance of the ways of God, and lack of advancement in their Christian character. Read more [...]