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How They Dishonoured God!  0

In Malachi chapter one God said He was being dishonoured. Specifically we are informed in the words of God as follows,  “A son honoureth his father, and a servant his master: If then I be a father, where is mine honour? And if I be a master, where is my fear? Saith the Lord of hosts unto you, O priests, that despise my name. And ye say, Wherein have we despised thy name?” (Mal 1:6). God said He was being dishonoured by the group of people who should be in the forefront of those honouring Him. Read more [...]

Is Your Temple Fit For Purpose?  0

When people talk about unpleasant things, they use the language of exclusion. They speak in the second and third persons: ‘he/she/it’, ‘they’, ‘them.’ They thus exclude themselves. Hence, you hear things said about or being done by them. That church is this and that. But today, I want us to speak the language of inclusion. I want us to turn the search light inwards, towards ourselves. The question I want us to look at and try to answer is: “Is Your temple fit for purpose?” I want Read more [...]

Beware that your attitude does not portray you as one of the foolish (ungodly)  0

I do not think there are many people who would want to be thought of as a fool. And I doubt very much if anyone, especially one who is a believer in Christ would want to be spoken of as giving the appearance of a fool. But any believer is vulnerable if not susceptible. It is therefore important to watch against potential slip ups. To help us, we shall look at and try to learn from the life of one of the believers of old. In the book of Job God testified to the enviable qualities of the man Job. Read more [...]

Do You Know That You Are a Double Portion Treasure to God?  0

O yes, believers in Christ are double treasures of God though not many speak in such terms about man and God.   When humans talk of and about treasure, something that they value much, its often centred on some material physical item: a piece of real estate, gold bullion tucked away safely somewhere, some newly acquired exotic gadget or other such things that people are wont to put a premium upon.   Earthly treasure is so close to the heart most people that secure storage of treasures is a booming Read more [...]

God is Big Enough, but Who is He to You?  0

Every person engages in various activities of daily living. The core thing that drives most people is that their needs and desires be met. They had decided what they wanted out of life, and then tailored their endeavours towards achieving it.   Things would seem well and good until challenges or difficulties arise. The young person leaves school all pumped up thinking the world is at his feet. “I will be a big success within a short time” he says to himself. But he soon discovers that life Read more [...]

Be Honest With God For Your Own Good  0

In everyday interaction and activities, many put much premium on honesty. They desire that others show themselves to be reliable. But oftentimes, the one demanding honesty in others, are not eager to offer sincerity of purpose to those they interact with. This is a double standard which many seem not to give much thought to.   The unfortunate thing is that because many seem to get away with their dishonesty amongst humans, they extend it to God. Even, believers in Christ whom one would expect to Read more [...]

Be aware of and resist the deceitful workers around you  0

Christianity is a supernatural religion that straddles but the physical and spirit realms. Unfortunately, the supernatural aspect seems to be on continual downgrade. Daily, people who are Christians go more and more in the direction of the physical. The focus on the physical has become so entrenched that many now view Christianity only from the point of view of the world. While many still mention the name of God and talk religious talk, their actions demonstrate that they do not believe Read more [...]

Practice Your Christianity NOW!  0

Before we begin, have you ever thought of how to answer the question “What makes a person a Christian?” Many profess to be Christians or believers in Christ. But one wonders how many can sensibly explain what it means to be a Christian to an unbeliever. Perhaps many who claim to be Christians live the way they live because they do not understand who or what makes one a Christian. I would encourage us to reflect on this on our own. One major expectation and living hope of the Christian Read more [...]

For Your Own Benefit Make the word of God the authority over your life  0

Lots of people desire to know the truth. They want to deal with facts when making important decisions. Believers in Christ especially talk of wanting to know the will of God for themselves or concerning specific situations. With this mindset that truth is essential in every activity of daily living, the search begins either consciously or inadvertently.   Amongst profess believers some have lost their way in their attempts to know or discover the truth themselves. They have therefore deliberately Read more [...]

Three reasons for giving thanks to God always  0

The beginning of a New year is for many Christians a time of thanking God. Some section of the church even engage in what is commonly termed “cross-over” service whereby they ensure that the New Year meets them within the church precinct, never mind that such a one might have lived in disobedience to God all year round, and same lifestyle of disobedience will continue immediately he steps out of the church into the New year. Oftentimes such thanks to God is for material things and so does Read more [...]