Daily Work Of Faith

You may ask the question: “What next now that I have become born again?”


You have to walk daily with the Lord living a life that is instructed by and that pleases him. You now begin to develop and nurture your new relationship with both the Lord and his body the church


You have started a new life as a child of God. This is truly the beginning of a truly new life in fellowship with the Lord Jesus Christ.


Your new relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ extends also to other believers in Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord. This new relationship with the Lord is in some ways similar to any other new relationship in that it has to be developed and nurtured.


You need to spend time getting to know the Lord and what things are required of you as a new member of his body, the church and a disciple of His. To assist you along this new journey of faith the following are suggested:


  • Look for a bible-believing church around you to be attending
  • Make effort to fellowship with other believers as you have opportunity 
  • Pray daily for the work of the kingdom of God, others and yourself. 
  • Read your bible daily asking for the Holy Spirit to explain the word of God to you.
  • Witness to others about the Lord Jesus Christ
  • Look around this website and come back often for you will find materials that will help you to encourage you in your journey of faith.
  • We are also happy to answer your questions too.


Ask your questions here (clickable).


May our God guide and uphold you in Jesus’ name, Amen.


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