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The Deceived  0

Are you deceived, misled, deluded and or beguiled?   Introduction I feel seriously concerned and often times grieved as I see the deterioration in the way many practice Christianity before my eyes. It will be easy to say “well, most are professors and not true Christians.” Or “what do you expect from pretenders to Christianity!” Or that some may question: “who are you to question others’ Christianity?” and say “you are judging and God said we should not judge!” and all Read more [...]

Seek To Understand  0

Seek to understand the Word then share it I implore you to stop living on the faith of others only. Stop living only on the crumbs that fall from the tables of those who take their faith seriously enough to make time for diligent study of the word. Rather, in addition do your own diligent study too.   If you don’t seek, know and practice the truth of the biblical Christian faith, you are practicing a false religion and you can only spread and encourage error as a false teacher, a purveyor Read more [...]

A Christian Professor Or A True Christian?  0

  Speaking of a Christian professor in contrast to a true Christian might seem to be a contradiction. This is because biblically speaking there is only one type of Christian: a person who has received the genuine gift of repentance unto salvation by faith through grace in the Lord Jesus Christ and is diligently living in obedience to Him as his Saviour, Lord and King. All others are non-Christians. But for the sake of popular speech and common understanding such a phrase is necessary.   I Read more [...]

What Is Your Beginning?  0

Oh yes, what Is Your Beginning?   By the question “What Is Your Beginning?” I mean “How did you come to be or to be called and or addressed as a Christian?” Just how did it happen?   About foundation: It is the part of the building that carries the rest of the superstructure. It is in most parts not seen. It is the only part of the building that if faulty will lead to the building being demolished. In other words a faulty roof, ceiling, window, door or other parts can be Read more [...]

There Must Be Change Now!  0

What is it to be: Life as usual or a walk with the Lord Jesus Christ in 2013?   A merciful God gave us time in packages. It is another 12-month package! Yes, package 2013. I’m sure you have received the first week and you are now into at least the second week that is why you are able to read this now. What number is package 2013 to you? 18, 21, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, or whatever number is yours?   What did you do with the previous packages?   You see, the all-wise God has Read more [...]