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The Most precious thing in the world  0

The Most precious thing in the world Once upon a time, there were three young men living in a town. They were inseparable friends who shared the same ideals of life. Each was an accomplished person in his chosen career. The elders of their village saw their friendship and accomplishment as an asset to their community. They usually point them out to others as role models and encourage the young ones to follow in their foot-steps. They were the most eligible and available bachelors in their community Read more [...]

Really Scary Thoughts  0

Oh Yes!   Just some thoughts, really scary thoughts:   “What record do you have to show the Lord?” We get to know much about previous civilisations, empires, human governments, personalities, faiths and religions through the artefacts or relics left behind by the previous members of the human race who occupied this earth before us. We thus have things like old books, written records and manuscripts written on vellum, papyrus, parchments, codices, paper etc.   Such Read more [...]