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Oh Yes!


Just some thoughts, really scary thoughts:


“What record do you have to show the Lord?”

We get to know much about previous civilisations, empires, human governments, personalities, faiths and religions through the artefacts or relics left behind by the previous members of the human race who occupied this earth before us. We thus have things like old books, written records and manuscripts written on vellum, papyrus, parchments, codices, paper etc.


Such records required acres of space to keep and rigorous tender care to preserve the treasures of knowledge they hold. Much was lost but plenty survived to our day. Though recently I ready of one such treasure house of ancient documents in Timbuktu was set on fire and the ancient records therein destroyed.


Today we are even able to look back and trace the history of our Christian faith to its beginning and see some of the numerous attempts of the devil to exterminate the faith and failing that, to corrupt it.


And before I can say wow! We are in the digital age. Everything is being digitised. Now rather than requiring acres of space to hold huge libraries of records, you only require a flash drive with a physical size less than the thumb of a man for example.


You see when my computer is on I see everything clearly and beautifully. But when it is switched off nothing can be seen. All the stuff in my computer is stored on something called hard drive. I have taken out a few hard drives but all I see are tangles of wires and nothing to suggest that thousands of volumes of books, music, films and pictures are stored on them. When you listen to your music on your MP3 player or whatever other digital device you use, it is beautiful but when you turn it off, that is it.


Now this generation continues to anger God by their actions every day. Wickedness seems to multiply in leaps and bounds just as new churches mushroom and old churches are dying. The Holy Scriptures tell us that God is angry with the wicked every day.


Witness what happened in the British parliament today: the power of God He delegated to the government of man for justice and righteous rule is being wielded to oppose that God!


Remember it is sexual sin that defiles a nation:

  • Witness what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah.
  • The tribe of Dan was almost completely destroyed for the same thing!


Though the Lord continues to tarry, what if God decides today to call time on our civilisation and we all get buried like the previous civilisations? What will the civilisation to succeed us find to be able to learn from our mistakes and any small good we might have contributed to the history of the human race?


When the civilisation that succeeds us begins to dig us up as we dug up those before us and find only tools and implements as all the digitised stuff cannot be retrieved, will they not think that we were primitive and unlearned, unschooled and never read or wrote any books seeing all these digital stuff would have been destroyed?  


Oh yes, human records may be destroyed. But God’s record can never be destroyed.


My brother, my sister, what are you leaving behind for posterity? Better still: What are you preparing to show the Lord as your service to Him while you were on earth, your portion of His kingdom work?

  • If the Lord is to call you today and say your time is up:
    • Will you have been an unfruitful vine that occupied the space that could have been better utilised by another person with even less resources than what the Lord has put in your care?
    • Or will you be like a person saved as through fire but whose works could not endure the fire but was destroyed because it was built of wood, straw and hay?
    • Or could it even be conceivable that to your horror you will hear that terrible pronouncement from the lips of the Lord: I never knew you. Depart from Me you worker of iniquity?


Remember that:

  • The eyes of the Lord Jesus Christ are all-seeing.
  • There is no hiding place from them.
  • His record keepers cannot be faulted.
  • His record books are impeccable and cannot be corrupted.
  • His display screen is clearer than one million D (ignorant human beings are talking of 3D now and you still need special glasses to see on them).
  • The screen of the Lord requires no special equipment.
  • When your whole life will be shown on it, the whole world will see it.
  • No power will be able to obstruct it, no jamming device will work against it, and there shall be no interference.
  • Every thread of thought you ever held will be displayed.
  • Every word you have ever uttered including the gesticulations, commas, semicolons, and full stops and the like will be displayed.
  • Every nook and cranny you went to in the world and what you did there will be displayed.
  • Every one present will see all of it and they will know it is you on display!




This is not to scare you but that you may wake up now. It is that you may seriously examine yourself and call on the Lord for needed help and begin the much needed rethink and revival in your life.


Stop looking at the other person. It is you am talking to and it is about you and your relationship with the saviour, Lord and King Jesus Christ from Nazareth.


Stop looking at the other person now. Yes, you reading this now!


It is even worse if you have not known Him.


This is because if you have not got Jesus Christ of Nazareth in your life then you have got Hell!!!


Wakeeeeeee up now as I am pleading with you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

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