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The Truth about Hell and How to Avoid Going to Hell  0

We are going to revisit one of the subjects that many claim, makes Christianity a turn-off for them. Many Christians also misunderstand this subject as they only have a vague knowledge of it. Because many claim, not to be able to reconcile their own idea of a loving God with unending punishment, they claim there is nothing like hell.   If a person does not understand the ways of God, should God thereby be cast in their image or whatever caricature of God they want?   In fact, many Read more [...]

Union with Christ is the truth, not feelings, not an experience  0

  Yes, union with Christ is the truth according to the Scriptures. It is not feelings, not an experience. So, let your life portray the truth.   Every Christian is in union with Christ according to the Scriptures. The life of the believer should therefore reflect or demonstrate this vital union with the Lord and head of the body. Christ should, and now lives His life through those who believe in Him.   Are you a Christian, not just in name, but in both faith and practice? Is Read more [...]