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For Your Own Benefit Make the word of God the authority over your life  0

Lots of people desire to know the truth. They want to deal with facts when making important decisions. Believers in Christ especially talk of wanting to know the will of God for themselves or concerning specific situations. With this mindset that truth is essential in every activity of daily living, the search begins either consciously or inadvertently.   Amongst profess believers some have lost their way in their attempts to know or discover the truth themselves. They have therefore deliberately Read more [...]

You are to hold forth the word of life, but are you?  0

We have had four posts in this series: 1. how-are-you-working-out-your-salvation/ 2. what-are-the-means-of-working-out-your-own-salvation/ 3. how-not-to-work-out-your-own-salvation/ 4. why-this-way-of-god-is-the-right-way/ Hence, this is the fifth post. Each post is self-contained and though they can be read in any other, it is suggested that they be read in sequence for better understanding and benefit. Recap: Let us remind ourselves of the way of God with particular reference Read more [...]