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Be aware of and resist the deceitful workers around you  0

Christianity is a supernatural religion that straddles but the physical and spirit realms. Unfortunately, the supernatural aspect seems to be on continual downgrade. Daily, people who are Christians go more and more in the direction of the physical. The focus on the physical has become so entrenched that many now view Christianity only from the point of view of the world. While many still mention the name of God and talk religious talk, their actions demonstrate that they do not believe Read more [...]

Practice Your Christianity NOW!  0

Before we begin, have you ever thought of how to answer the question “What makes a person a Christian?” Many profess to be Christians or believers in Christ. But one wonders how many can sensibly explain what it means to be a Christian to an unbeliever. Perhaps many who claim to be Christians live the way they live because they do not understand who or what makes one a Christian. I would encourage us to reflect on this on our own. One major expectation and living hope of the Christian Read more [...]