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Be Honest With God For Your Own Good  0

In everyday interaction and activities, many put much premium on honesty. They desire that others show themselves to be reliable. But oftentimes, the one demanding honesty in others, are not eager to offer sincerity of purpose to those they interact with. This is a double standard which many seem not to give much thought to.   The unfortunate thing is that because many seem to get away with their dishonesty amongst humans, they extend it to God. Even, believers in Christ whom one would expect to Read more [...]

Be a true disciple of Christ and not just one of the multitudes  0

Many Christians are self-certified and self-satisfied with their Christian life. This often despite a lifestyle that is obviously not in line with the word of God. Some excuse themselves by claiming that they are followers of Christ who are yet to become Christ’s thus creating artificial categories amongst the disciples of Christ.   However, there is only one group of Christ’s disciples in Scripture. Hence, those who claim to be followers while waiting to become disciples are drawing conclusions Read more [...]