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Is Your Temple Fit For Purpose?  0

When people talk about unpleasant things, they use the language of exclusion. They speak in the second and third persons: ‘he/she/it’, ‘they’, ‘them.’ They thus exclude themselves. Hence, you hear things said about or being done by them. That church is this and that. But today, I want us to speak the language of inclusion. I want us to turn the search light inwards, towards ourselves. The question I want us to look at and try to answer is: “Is Your temple fit for purpose?” I want Read more [...]

Be Honest With God For Your Own Good  0

In everyday interaction and activities, many put much premium on honesty. They desire that others show themselves to be reliable. But oftentimes, the one demanding honesty in others, are not eager to offer sincerity of purpose to those they interact with. This is a double standard which many seem not to give much thought to.   The unfortunate thing is that because many seem to get away with their dishonesty amongst humans, they extend it to God. Even, believers in Christ whom one would expect to Read more [...]