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The LORD is the True Refiner of the Believer!  0

Priesthood as seen by the LORD: The priesthood in the Old Testament developed an ungodly lifestyle under the Old Covenant after Israel returned from captivity. Many of the priests were dishonouring God as they performed their priestly duties. The LORD called their attention to their dereliction of duty. They denied any wrongdoing. (Please, read the two previous posts titled: “Are You Honouring God?” and “How They Dishonoured God” for more details.). You might be full of words now and indeed Read more [...]

Do You Practice Love Abuse?  0

We are starting our talk with a few questions. The subject itself is framed as question, “Do You Practice Love Abuse?” And I pray you will be able to answer that question by the end of this talk. This question is reframed in three other ways. Are you an abuser of Love? Are You A Practitioner of Love Abuse? Put another way, are you an abuser? What we are not talking of We are not talking of: Human love No, I am not talking of human love. Human love is majorly lust anyway. I am talking about Read more [...]

Are You a Christian Professor or a Disciple?  0

Believers in Christ are the disciples of Christ. Non-believers are not disciples of Christ. There is no in-between. There is no half-way house. You are either in or you are out. Which are you? The Lord Jesus Himself gave us ample information as to who is His disciple. “It is enough for the disciple that he be as his master, and the servant as his lord. If they have called the master of the house Beelzebub, how much more shall they call them of his household?” (Mat 10:25). “The disciple Read more [...]

What to Do in Time of Crisis  0

We may be faced with crisis or situations that threaten us at one time or another. We may be unable to avoid such an event or even do something about it. How should we respond in such a time? For even though we may not be able to do something, responding is a natural human instinct. We just feel we must do something even when we don’t know what. The world faces a situation that threatens all of us right now. Virtually every country is prepared for the possibility of a conventional war Read more [...]

Do not fear for God is still on His throne  0

Today the world is engaged in a war with an enemy which neither plays to any known rules of engagement nor respects any borders. The enemy cannot even be seen with ordinary human eyes without the aid of powerful microscopes. But whether seen or not, its impact is being felt across the globe. This enemy is the pestilence named Coronavirus (Covid-19). Governments and institutions were neither prepared nor ready for it and so were caught napping. That alone ought to raise serious questions. How Read more [...]

Beware that your attitude does not portray you as one of the foolish (ungodly)  0

I do not think there are many people who would want to be thought of as a fool. And I doubt very much if anyone, especially one who is a believer in Christ would want to be spoken of as giving the appearance of a fool. But any believer is vulnerable if not susceptible. It is therefore important to watch against potential slip ups. To help us, we shall look at and try to learn from the life of one of the believers of old. In the book of Job God testified to the enviable qualities of the man Job. Read more [...]

Do You Know That You Are a Double Portion Treasure to God?  0

O yes, believers in Christ are double treasures of God though not many speak in such terms about man and God.   When humans talk of and about treasure, something that they value much, its often centred on some material physical item: a piece of real estate, gold bullion tucked away safely somewhere, some newly acquired exotic gadget or other such things that people are wont to put a premium upon.   Earthly treasure is so close to the heart most people that secure storage of treasures is a booming Read more [...]

Beware that your attitude does not portray you as one of the foolish  0

Many believers in Christ are so sure of their faith that they claim that nothing can shake them. That nothing will make them want to think evil of God. On the surface that sounds nice and even spiritual. Yet many are living like God has left them or that they never knew God in the first place. Peter the apostle once boasted that he would never deny the Lord even if others did. He was to later regret that boast as in the face of potential persecution and possible death, he reneged and denied his Read more [...]

God is Big Enough, but Who is He to You?  0

Every person engages in various activities of daily living. The core thing that drives most people is that their needs and desires be met. They had decided what they wanted out of life, and then tailored their endeavours towards achieving it.   Things would seem well and good until challenges or difficulties arise. The young person leaves school all pumped up thinking the world is at his feet. “I will be a big success within a short time” he says to himself. But he soon discovers that life Read more [...]

Be a true disciple of Christ and not just one of the multitudes  0

Many Christians are self-certified and self-satisfied with their Christian life. This often despite a lifestyle that is obviously not in line with the word of God. Some excuse themselves by claiming that they are followers of Christ who are yet to become Christ’s thus creating artificial categories amongst the disciples of Christ.   However, there is only one group of Christ’s disciples in Scripture. Hence, those who claim to be followers while waiting to become disciples are drawing conclusions Read more [...]