What type of church is Habitation of Mercy?

Habitation of Mercy is a bible believing church. We Hold the Holy Bible as God’s inspired word, complete, inerrant, infallible, the supreme authority in all matter of the Christian faith and sufficient for every aspect of Christian living. We hold to literal interpretation of the bible except where context, common sense and every day speech would indicate otherwise.


What can I expect when I attend your church?

New comers and visitors are welcome. There is opportunity to meet other members including the leadership of the church. You will meet everyday member of the community fellowshipping together in a family-like environment. There may be babies around, please, don’t feel embarrassed if your baby or another baby cries.


Children play around in a safe environment and have the word of God explained to them at the level they can understand. Teens meet fellow teens and engage in activities that please God. Adults meet and make new friends, find avenues to serve God in the area to which He has called them.


You see, we are ONE BIG FAMILY!


Our common bound is our faith in Jesus Christ, our destination is to ever be with the Lord, our Roadmap is the Holy Bible, our enabler is the Holy Spirit and our assurance to get to our destination is that if we obey and follow the Great shepherd, He will lead us Home, for none can snatch us from under His ever watchful eyes and far-reaching, all-powerful hands.


What is the format for your services?

Prayer; singing + (you may dance); exaltation; sharing time when you can ask questions, respond to questions or share life experiences; Scripture reading; Sermon preaching; announcements; refreshment time after service with opportunity to meet with others who came for fellowship, chart with and make friends;  voluntary offerings are accepted,.


When are services held?

We meet for Sunday service @: 13.30 – 15.00. [Doors open at 13.00] followed by

Refreshments and opportunity to meeting others: 15.00 – 16.00. 

Bible Study: Thursdays @ 19.00 – 20.30. [Doors open at 18.30]   

Group Evangelism on Saturday @ 10.30 – 12.00  

Saturday Prayer meeting @ 18.00-19.00


Where are your meeting held?

Our meetings are held within the premises of the Methodist Church @:

Height Methodist Church Building 

King Street, Irlam-O’-Th’-Height,

Salford. Greater Manchester. M6 7GY

For direction click here


Are you part of a denomination?

No. We are an independent body of believers in Jesus Christ. We are independent of other churches and denominations, though we work hand-in-hand with all individuals and organizations who obey the truth of God’s word in word and in deed. [[We do not style ourselves in the mould of neither do we attach to ourselves any appellate like orthodox, mainline, Pentecostal, evangelical, charismatics, puritan and such names. We do hold believe that agrees with the core believe of the reformers: Bible alone the authority in the life of the believer, we are saved by faith alone through the grace of God, Jesus Christ alone is the Saviour and Lord, and in all things, to God alone be the glory.


In summary we believe without any reservation what the infallible Word of God teaches that:

  • The Scripture Alone is the Standard for Christian living and the final authority in all matters concerning faith and practice by the Christian,
  • Everything should and must be done For the Glory of God Alone,
  • That it is: By Jesus Christ’s Work Alone Are We Saved,
  • Salvation Is By Grace Alone and
  • Justification Is By Faith Alone.


If I already belong to a church, can I also become a member of your church? While we will welcome anyone to be part of us, it is our believe that each Christian should commit to the membership of only one local church and contribute to the vision and work of Christ in that local church.


We do not encourage people moving about from one church to another like people flick through channels on the TV. Those who wander round churches with no root anywhere eventually dry-up and fall away. This is not surprising because wanderers wither.


However we recognise that there may be events like seminars and workshops that help to equip believers to better live a life pleasing to our Lord. Many such events may also be organised by a group of local churches working together. We appreciate such events and do encourage believers to attend them.


As a member of your church, will I be able to serve as a volunteer?

Yes. You will be able to serve as a volunteer. This may require some training or updating of knowledge and skills. And in some cases CRB check may be required.


Who are your sponsors who provide your funding?

We are not sponsored or funded by any individual, group or organisation. However our funds come from many people who voluntarily make even the smallest of donations. It is the willingness of such cheerful givers that is enabling Habitation of Mercy Ministries to continue to reach out to the world with the life-saving and transforming gospel of Jesus Christ.  




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