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2Tim4_1-5We are filled with joy that you visited today. We pray that as a result of your visit to Habitation of Mercy Ministries’ website, that you’ll accept the mercy of God and draw closer to Him.

It is likely you came here while you were just browsing the net, or searching for a particular item or searching for meaning in life.

Or perhaps you have being asking yourself some of these questions:

What is my purpose in life?

Why I’m I here?

Where I’m I heading to?

Is there heaven and hell or are they the imagination of religious fanatics?

Is there absolute truth in this world?

Or are all truths relative, depending on who is talking?

These and other perplexing questions of life we believe, you shall find answers to here by the mercy of God.


Take your time to look around, come back often and feel free to contact us [clickable].


However, we are aware that there are as many opinions and positions on the issue of life, death and God as there are human opinion leaders.

But in the final analysis everything boils down to what a person thinks and makes of himself, life and God.


O yes, there is God, ONLY ONE LIVING GOD! Hence, there is only one opinion from God. I know all your life you have been hearing diverse opinions of man about God.

But do you want to hear God’s opinion of man? Will you hear, believe and obey? Let us Go there now


Further, Do you know you can be sincerely wrong? That is, you genuinely, truly and sincerely believe something to be true, yet, you’re wrong? Check this out!


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