Why We Need Jesus Christ

God created the heaven and the earth (Gen 1:1). All human beings have fallen short of the standard set by God which is sin in the sight of God (Rom 3:23). This sin has separated us from the love of God. We have continued in this sinful condition and still continuing to do more and more wrong things against God and fellow human beings.


As the wickedness of man continues, the gulf between the Holy God and sinful man continues to widen. Our Lord Jesus Christ came, lived a sinless life for He knew no sin as such the perfect sacrifice for the price God demanded for our sins. He being the perfect spotless sacrifice paid the price by dying in our place thus giving himself in exchange for our sins.


Our God is Holy and He cannot behold sin and indeed sin is very abhorrent to Him. Therefore sin separates the sinner from God. Hence someone needs to bridge this gap between the Holy God and sinful man. Such a person must be known by and acceptable to both God and man.


The Lord Jesus Christ was the only one to meet all the conditions: the word of God who became flesh and lived amongst us as a man, was tempted on all points as all human beings are tested and yet did not sin and knew no sin and being one with God was the perfect person for the situation and occasion. Jesus Christ therefore was the only right price and perfect sacrifice.


He accepted to be the perfect sacrifice, accepted persecution, humiliation, cruel and painful death on a cross from the hands of the representatives of the very human beings He had come to save.


Through His death, burial, resurrection and ascension the Lord Jesus Christ purchased our salvation, set us free from sin and its power of death.


All that will accept Him and His sacrifice will be saved and through the giving of the Holy Spirit be enabled to living a life pleasing and acceptable to God, our creator.


You have come far reading up to this point. We encourage you to go further and investigate who Jesus Christ is and get to know Him.


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