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Indifference is Dangerous, Get Rid of It!  0

An injurious attitude under the radar! It goes without saying that the believers in Christ should have the right attitude towards God. That is how it should be. But it is not always so as we live in a world that is far from the ideal. People often speak of right and wrong attitudes. Such talk may sound reasonable or even welcomed until you realise that “right” and “wrong” are value judgements. Such judgements presuppose a standard. In our world, there are many standards of right and wrong. Read more [...]

How Should the Believer in Christ Respond to Evil?  0

Evil exists in the world Evil is commonplace in the world. There is no group or place spared. There is so much evil occurring every day that it is considered an inevitable but undesirable part of life. There is also much talk about evil in society. Believers in Christ are not isolated or cocooned from evil as many do encounter the same evils taking place within the larger society. Many do not need the explanation as to or the definition of what is evil. Everyone seems to as if by instinct know what Read more [...]

The LORD is the True Refiner of the Believer!  0

Priesthood as seen by the LORD: The priesthood in the Old Testament developed an ungodly lifestyle under the Old Covenant after Israel returned from captivity. Many of the priests were dishonouring God as they performed their priestly duties. The LORD called their attention to their dereliction of duty. They denied any wrongdoing. (Please, read the two previous posts titled: “Are You Honouring God?” and “How They Dishonoured God” for more details.). You might be full of words now and indeed Read more [...]

How They Dishonoured God!  0

In Malachi chapter one God said He was being dishonoured. Specifically we are informed in the words of God as follows,  “A son honoureth his father, and a servant his master: If then I be a father, where is mine honour? And if I be a master, where is my fear? Saith the Lord of hosts unto you, O priests, that despise my name. And ye say, Wherein have we despised thy name?” (Mal 1:6). God said He was being dishonoured by the group of people who should be in the forefront of those honouring Him. Read more [...]

Are You Dishonouring God?  0

Many believers in Christ speak flippantly of their priesthood to God. They mostly cherish the idea but give little thought to what it entails. Many assume they are just alright and claim that all are priests and are therefore equal. But this is not the whole the truth. According to 1 Peter 2, all believers in Christ are priests, “But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness Read more [...]

Do You Practice Love Abuse?  0

We are starting our talk with a few questions. The subject itself is framed as question, “Do You Practice Love Abuse?” And I pray you will be able to answer that question by the end of this talk. This question is reframed in three other ways. Are you an abuser of Love? Are You A Practitioner of Love Abuse? Put another way, are you an abuser? What we are not talking of We are not talking of: Human love No, I am not talking of human love. Human love is majorly lust anyway. I am talking about Read more [...]

Let the Word of God Rule Your Life  0

The world is currently stooping under the burden of the corona virus pandemic. This corona virus pandemic has shown how much connected human beings even as they live widely apart and across the world. It has also exposed the fragility and inadequacy of all the systems set up by human beings purportedly for the good of human beings. Further, it also demonstrates that the only things that can endure are those things that have the approval of God. Right now, numerous people are living in fear Read more [...]

One Tough Command That Must Be Obeyed!  0

Many times, we focus on our needs, not that it is bad for us to ask that our needs be met by God. He Himself has promised us that much. Problem comes when we use the degree to which our needs have been met as the standard for judging the health of our relationship with God. Thus, you find that those who consider their needs to be more than met see God as good and that they are pleasing Him in whatever they are engaged in, even if such engagements are spoken against in His word. On the other hand, Read more [...]

Beware that your attitude does not portray you as one of the foolish  0

Many believers in Christ are so sure of their faith that they claim that nothing can shake them. That nothing will make them want to think evil of God. On the surface that sounds nice and even spiritual. Yet many are living like God has left them or that they never knew God in the first place. Peter the apostle once boasted that he would never deny the Lord even if others did. He was to later regret that boast as in the face of potential persecution and possible death, he reneged and denied his Read more [...]

Be a true disciple of Christ and not just one of the multitudes  0

Many Christians are self-certified and self-satisfied with their Christian life. This often despite a lifestyle that is obviously not in line with the word of God. Some excuse themselves by claiming that they are followers of Christ who are yet to become Christ’s thus creating artificial categories amongst the disciples of Christ.   However, there is only one group of Christ’s disciples in Scripture. Hence, those who claim to be followers while waiting to become disciples are drawing conclusions Read more [...]