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You Need A New Administration Over Your Life  0

Everyone agrees that: Death ends each person’s existence on this earth! Yes, ALL without exception eventually die. No person knows when, where, and how he will die. Death cannot even be postponed. Once it is your turn, you must go. The thought of death could be frightening if you do not know where you will be going. Some are forced to think about it after surviving a serious accident or at the death of a loved one. Many push the thought of death out of their mind until it is too late. When you Read more [...]

What to Do in Time of Crisis  0

We may be faced with crisis or situations that threaten us at one time or another. We may be unable to avoid such an event or even do something about it. How should we respond in such a time? For even though we may not be able to do something, responding is a natural human instinct. We just feel we must do something even when we don’t know what. The world faces a situation that threatens all of us right now. Virtually every country is prepared for the possibility of a conventional war Read more [...]

Do not fear for God is still on His throne  0

Today the world is engaged in a war with an enemy which neither plays to any known rules of engagement nor respects any borders. The enemy cannot even be seen with ordinary human eyes without the aid of powerful microscopes. But whether seen or not, its impact is being felt across the globe. This enemy is the pestilence named Coronavirus (Covid-19). Governments and institutions were neither prepared nor ready for it and so were caught napping. That alone ought to raise serious questions. How Read more [...]

What are the means of working out your own salvation?  0

We continue with our discussion on the believer “working out your own salvation.” We know from our previous post, “How are you working out your own salvation?” that “working out your own salvation” does not mean that a person can earn his own salvation by doing some work. Rather salvation is by grace through faith. But that “working out your own salvation” means the believer in Christ aspires and strives to be Christ-like walking in obedience according to the light he receives Read more [...]

How are you working out your salvation?  0

Many believers take the fact that they are Christians for granted. They think that being born again is all there is. They think that once they are saved by the Lord Jesus Christ, that is it, the Holy Spirit will do the rest. All they have to do is just relax and enjoy a wonderful ride to heaven. They thus, do not make effort concerning their Christian faith as they should. A major consequence of this lack of effort is ignorance of the ways of God, and lack of advancement in their Christian character. Read more [...]

Please, Ensure You Are Not Playing the Fool  0

Humans are creatures of contrasts. We like to compare, and contrast virtually every, and all things. Though believers are told, “For we dare not make ourselves of the number, or compare ourselves with some that commend themselves: but they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves amongst themselves, are not wise.” (2Cor 10:12). We still do it anyway. The problem with us comparing ourselves with others is that our standards are not consistent. We are always partial Read more [...]

Three reasons for giving thanks to God always  0

The beginning of a New year is for many Christians a time of thanking God. Some section of the church even engage in what is commonly termed “cross-over” service whereby they ensure that the New Year meets them within the church precinct, never mind that such a one might have lived in disobedience to God all year round, and same lifestyle of disobedience will continue immediately he steps out of the church into the New year. Oftentimes such thanks to God is for material things and so does Read more [...]