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What is it to be: Life as usual or a walk with the Lord Jesus Christ in 2013?


A merciful God gave us time in packages.

It is another 12-month package! Yes, package 2013. I’m sure you have received the first week and you are now into at least the second week that is why you are able to read this now. What number is package 2013 to you? 18, 21, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, or whatever number is yours?


What did you do with the previous packages?


You see, the all-wise God has not given us all our lives at one-go. But in His unsearchable wisdom, He has given us our lives in bits of seconds that make up minutes, that add up to hours which end in days. Then you have weeks, months and years.


Each 12-month package is ushered in with fanfare and celebrations. There are also determinations, resolutions, prophecies and such other things that man is capable of inventing which sadly, many usually do not survive beyond the month of the year or com to pass at all.


But do remember, each person has a finite number of packages to receive before his time is up. When your time is up, there is postponement, no delay and no excuse is acceptable? So be you redeeming your time.


What I wish for you!

I pray that as you receive and open each package that make up 2013, the contents will NOT be what you want or hope for, but it WILL BE what God has designed to do what He has purposed for your life.


May you therefore embrace willingly whatever your packages contain and bring honour and glory to the Lord all through the year 2013.


Whose will and kingdom?

Are you continuing in your will and building your own kingdom but covering it with Christian spirituality? Mark you, you are deceiving no one but yourself and the gullible, weak-willed you are leading astray.


As a bible-believing Christian, the only will and kingdom that must be and will be established is that of the Living God.


My burning desire for you is that you will be reconciled to God through the blood of Jesus Christ, and if you are already reconciled, then that you will use all the resources at your disposal to walk the strait and narrow, continuously and vigorously pressing towards the mark of His calling upon your life in 2013.


What shall be done

We shall continue to speak of crucial issues and matters of the Biblical Christian Faith. This is with the hope that:

  • You will be provoked enough that you will take another and more penetrating look at your Christian or non-Christian life with the determination to stop being lukewarm and choosing a side. Will you be on the Lord’s side?
  • That you will be more determined than ever to please your Lord if you already name the name of the Lord Jesus Christ  
  • You will make more effort to increase in the knowledge of God so you will not continue to be led by every wave of doctrine or the latest inventions or innovations by the purveyors of misery and death that have invaded and are plundering the flock of the Lord Jesus Christ.   


I’m persuaded that as you do so, the Lord of the harvest Himself will give you the needed grace.


Foundation is all important!

Having this in mind, and the kingdom of God in sight, we shall assume nothing but start from the very beginning. This is because many today do not even know what they believe and why.


We shall start with the all-important foundation. You see, when a part of a building [be it the roof, ceiling, window, wall etc.] is faulty, such a part only is replaced. But when it is the foundation that is faulty, then the whole building must be pulled down, a new foundation laid and a new building is then built. You may be wondering as to why foundation, after all you are neither in the construction nor the DIY industries.


Please bear with me. Remember we all have need for a measure of patience either with ourselves or with others, and more so considering the subjects we shall be discussing.


In everything, the foundation, the beginning, the basis for a thing is all important. In the Christian journey, the foundation is especially crucial. Remember, other foundation can no man lay (1Corinthians 3:11). For only in Jesus Christ is there salvation (Acts 4:12).


We all have received the contents of the first week of package 2011. What did you find? Is life to continue as usual?


Please, there be a change

Are you in a retreat on the mountain or secluded somewhere and immediately you reappear and come back to earth the conniving, deceiving and fleecing will continue, howbeit, under the guise of new revelation indulging the flesh and building your own kingdom? Or do you come back sober, repentant, submit to the Lord and ready to mend your wayward ways?


You who are not privy to this wickedness in high places, are you continuing in indulging your fleshly appetites believing you are on the way to heaven, deceiving yourself? Or have you determined to mend your ways, come back to the Lord, and that you will not be led by the nose any more by anyone whether titled or not?    


Hence for us, it will not be life as usual, but a more determined effort to know the Lord and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His suffering (Philippians 3:10).


Happy 2013!

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