What Is Your Beginning?  0

Oh yes, what Is Your Beginning?


By the question “What Is Your Beginning?” I mean “How did you come to be or to be called and or addressed as a Christian?” Just how did it happen?


About foundation: It is the part of the building that carries the rest of the superstructure.

It is in most parts not seen. It is the only part of the building that if faulty will lead to the building being demolished. In other words a faulty roof, ceiling, window, door or other parts can be replaced without having to demolish the whole building, but not so the foundation. The whole building must be destroyed if the foundation is faulty.


That brings us to the beginning. I mean your own beginning as a Christian if you consider yourself to be a Christian. Yes, you looking at me and reading this now. Stop looking over your shoulder, stop pointing at someone else. How come you are a Christian?


Some questions may help you conduct a proper self-examination:

  • Where and how did you hear or get to know about Christianity?
  • When did you become a Christian?
  • How did you become a Christian?
  • What is/are your source/sources of information about the Christian faith?
  • Since becoming a Christian how much has your knowledge of God, of Jesus Christ, of the Holy Spirit, of the Holy Scriptures and of man especially you changed?
  • What is your world-view?
  • How did you obtain or derive or deduce or concoct or arrive at this your world-view?


The answers to all these questions are important because they may show whether you are a genuine biblical Christian or you are just an acquaintance of the Christian faith commonly referred to as Christian professor.


Please don’t be offended at this early stage. It is too early for that, especially since we are talking of a life-death matter.


Remember the Pharisees, the Sadducees, the Scribes, the priests and other religious leaders in Israel? Most people and especially themselves thought and believed they were righteous and serving the true God truly. They read the Holy Scriptures every Sabbath.


But that was until the Lord Jesus Christ arrived at the scene. The Lord showed them from the same Holy Scriptures in which they claimed expertise that they did not know and were not actually serving the true God the way that God had prescribed. Not only that, the Lord told them they were in darkness and heading into hell unless they repented. Some amongst them repented and were saved. But many were mad at Him and eventually crucified Him.


So perhaps before now you have always seen yourself as a highly spiritual Christian, even with a long title and lofty position in a church and you believe you are heading straight to heaven. Therefore you feel insulted that anyone should dare question your authenticity. Who is this questioning my Christianity? Me, a bona fide anointed child of God! Do realise that there are many today claiming to be Christians who in reality have never known or been known by the living God of Israel.


Therefore I implore you to use all means available to you to scrutinise the foundation of what you believe so you will be standing on not just a solid ground but on THE SOLID GROUND: THE ROCK OF AGES that is the Saviour, Lord and King JESUS CHRIST of Nazareth.

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