Recommended Reading

Christians should be life-long learners.

Reading for personal spiritual development is not a common habit of many Christians. This is one major reason why spiritually balanced diet for the inner man is so scarce today. Hence many are living in ignorance, are spiritually malnourished and therefore severely stunted in their spiritual growth.


But the fact is that through reading, you can visit lands you can only dream of. Through reading you can reach depth that you otherwise can only imagined. And through reading you will be able to explore the world and become a thorough bred Christian.


However we are not speaking of reading for reading sake where people just gulp down much junk. Rather, here we mean selective, wholesome reading that feeds your spirit with balanced diet.


On our part we shall try to help people who pass by here to help them redress this unfortunate situation.


At regular intervals books and other materials will be recommended on these pages. Whenever possible we shall provide the resource so recommended or provide information as to how such may be obtained.


So check back often.


Recommended Reading:

1. Alarm To The Unconverted by Joseph Alleine, 1671.

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